Having trouble getting around this site? Here's a typical screenshot from the galleries, with the navigation items labeled.

The function of each item is explained below.


To browse the photos in a gallery without using your mouse, just enter the amount of seconds you want to wait between photos and click the "Start" button. The pages will automatically reload with the next photo.

Photo Information

Hover over the "more info" text with your cursor to read about what parameters were used to take the photograph. For help on the terms, click on the question mark icon.

Previous Link

Click on the thumbnail image or the arrow to go to the previous photo in the series.


Click on this icon to return to the gallery listing.

Next Link

Click on the thumbnail image, the arrow, or the main photo to go to the next photo in the series.


If you particularly like or don't like a photo, please let me know! Select your choice from the menu, or click the question mark icon next to the "Submit" button for more help.


If you would like a larger resolution copy of a photo for your own personal private use, click on this link.